Did you know that there is an International effort going on to encourage people to live on the moon, and that effort is happening in Lansing and across Michigan.

WLNS reports

“We’re flying on two separate missions in two different rockets in less than a year,” said the North America President of Spacebit Chuck Lauer. He is based in Lansing. Both trips are headed to the moon with help from the CEO and founder of Spacebit Pavlo Tanasyuk. He also said, “The last few years we are working on the lunar rover and Michigan is playing quite a significant role in this development.”

The University of Michigan’s college of aerospace and Michigan Tech are joining the effort working on hardware development and testing for the trip. They believe in their Lansing Michigan operations and are optimistic about future accomplishments. The robots they have created are hand held, micro-robotics that will be deployed millions of miles away and functioning on the surface of the moon.

Chuck Lauer of Spacebit said "the robots will explore material resources that we’re pretty sure are on the moon, but no surface data exists to confirm." The search is primarily for water. They believe the moon is just a first step, they consider it an important target, as they explore robots that will be working along with humans on the lunar surface in the future.
Two lunar rovers are planned which will beam back data from the moon to earth. One of the rovers operates with wheels, the other with spider-like legs. This mission will start with launches from the Kennedy Space center in Florida currently planned for around October through December. I find it interesting that people actually want to inhabit the moon. I’m quite happy here on planet earth. But who knows what changes global warming will have on us in the next century.

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