Eastern Michigan alumni are stepping up and giving gifts to incoming Freshmen as well as the graduating class of 2020. According to MLive, with all of the closures due to COVID-19 the class of 2020 had their last year and graduation ruined so the alumni are stepping up to help with some cash gifts. The gifts are coming from the EMU alumni as they are donating $2 million to help EMU students, including providing nearly $600 for each April 2020 graduate.

The $600 gift will be given to each 2020 graduate and has no eligibility obligations or restrictions and their is no payback required. The alumni are doing this because they trying to establish pride and confidence in their univierstiy.

The alumni group is called GameAbove, and they created the Alumni Pay-it-Forward fund to immediately support 2,270 EMU students who graduated on April 25th. They will also give gifts to the incoming Freshmen to help with economic hardships created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can see more about gift from GameAbove here.

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