There are some traditions that we hold in Southwest Michigan, that I hope never leave including the annual duck waddle through an elementary school. The Amberly elementary school in Portage for two decades now has done something super adorable with a mother duck and her ducklings, and now with the addition of social media, we get to witness it.

As WWMT reported, a video posted on their Facebook shows the mother duck, and her little ducklings waddling through the elementary school as they go on and face the world...

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A mother duck guided her ducklings through Portage's Amberly Elementary School Tuesday with help from staff, a custodian, and any available adult, according to Lindsay French, the engagement specialist at Portage Public Schools. For twenty years, Amberly Elementary has had a resident mother duck raise her ducklings in the school's courtyard. When the ducklings are ready to leave, the mother duck knocks on the door, and the whole school bands together to get them safely out into the woods on their own.

Apparently, according to one person who commented on this adorable video, this isn't the only school that participated in an event like this:

Years ago Harper Creek always had a momma duck have her babies in the open part of the school with a very small park area and they also had to show a way out for them.

I could watch videos of baby animals all day but sadly I have work to do, which also, sadly, doesn't involve baby animals. But we can enjoy this video as much as we want.

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