Dr. John Lott, President Crime Prevention Research Center. Crime research dot org.

If Civilians Can Be Trusted With Guns, Military Personnel Should Be Too.

Dr John Lott: All of shootings occur within just days of each other and you know people I guess don't realize that the current policies that ban military personnel from having guns with them on bases in the u.s. Haven't been around forever was basically it would started at the end of The George HW Bush Administration and people at that time. Learn to make the military quote more professional more like other businesses and of course and other businesses, they say people just don't care walk around carrying guns. And
Steve Gruber: so but that's not true anymore. People do walk around carrying guns. I one jewelry store guy that I know that owns a store everybody decides. It's a requirement to work there. So that's not exactly true.
Dr John Lott: I know but this is from the period of when he was at office, which would be the late 80's early 90's

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