I was on my computer watching some abandoned locations that are here in Michigan.

I happened to stumble upon this one location, which isn't too far from me, and it struck curiosity. The location was based out of Owosso, and I don't have the exact coordinates to the building or place either.

I believe the lack of information was done on purpose to help protect those who had gone through and explored the abandoned property, as you don't just give out that type of information, right?

It almost looks like this was at one time a community of buildings. Maybe a smaller little town of businesses?

You can see they were in ruins and trashed at the time the group of people had gone through the building.

From a few of the comments on the video, it seems that the building unfortunately has been since torn down. However, that doesn't seem to answer the big question at hand here.

What were these buildings originally?

Check the abandoned location out below:

Does Anyone Know What This Abandoned Building Out Of Owosso Was?

Does anyone know what these buildings were originally? They were allegedly in Owosso at one point, but have been rumored to have been torn down since this video was taken. Does anyone know what this originally was?

The main building with all of the glass on it looks absolutely beautiful and probably was at the height of when the building was actually owned.

Now, everything sits in ruins, and to my knowledge, the buildings and structure are no longer there.

Do you know what this structure was? Open our mobile app and let us know. Or talk to us on our social media, and let us know what you think it was, or what you know it to be.

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