WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

In the middle of a field in Gary, Indiana is a million-dollar football stadium and tennis building whose construction was never finished. The field currently has a decaying set of concrete bleachers, an extremely old scoreboard, and even light fixtures for night games standing unused.

The scoreboard has started to fall apart and the field has tons of overgrown vegetation. There's so much overgrowth that it's completely hidden in a fully-equipped tennis building stocked with racquets, balls, books, locker rooms, and more.

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I stumbled across this stadium while scrolling on TikTok and the graffiti-tagged press box grabbed my attention. The TikTok user (@decayingmidwest) shows off the best parts of abandoned spaces in the midwestern states.

@decayingmidwest♬ Acid Rain - Lorn

In the video above you can watch along as the user takes a deep dive into the facility as he strolls through. He goes into detail explaining how the project started in 1956 and was never finished. You can see the scoreboard, benches, bleachers, and even the locker rooms falling apart and rubble laying around.

I can't fathom that they started a million-dollar project and decided to just drop everything one day and move on to the next thing. Also, this brings up a thousand other questions about this facility and it's killing me!

The first would be were there any games ever played on this field? Was the tennis building there first? Was the tennis building ever actually used? Did they have plans to ever come back and finish the stadium and never got around to it? Who was the stadium supposed to be built for?

Obviously, most of my questions won't be answered and will continue to burn a hole in my brain for maybe the rest of eternity. The biggest question of them all is will they ever decide to go back and renovate this stadium to be used today? Do you think they should rebuild the stadium? If they do, who should use this stadium and why?

Ghost Town Gary, Indiana

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