A place where kids came to have fun on a nice summer's day, which is now sitting in ruins and collecting graffiti.

It's not all that bad though, as there is an investor who is looking to restore the park to its once former glory.

Look Inside This Abandoned Flint Amusement Park

While it is sad to see a place that probably once held many laughs and tons of fun, it is also kind of cool and eerie to see it equally as empty.

Take a look below at the now empty park.

Look: The Abandoned Pirate Park Amusement Park In Flint

There is an amusement park that resides in Flint, called the Pirate Park, take a look inside and around the rotting amusement park.

While the park may sit empty, there is a chance that life could return to the old park. There is a proposition to return the park, to her once former glory.

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