Let me just get this off my chest right now, I hate driving in the Detroit area. Why? It's too congested in so many areas. I don't care for highway driving in Detroit as well. It's very chaotic and too fast paced for me. I would rather drive down old fashioned country roads at a nice country speed.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Detroit has been ranked the worst city in America to drive in. I can't argue with that!

It compared the 100 largest cities in the United States across 29 key indicators of driver friendliness, ranging from average gas prices to average traffic delays to repair shop access.

Wallethub then broke it down into four dimensions: safety, traffic and infrastructure, cost of ownership, maintenance and access to vehicles. Detroit comes in the bottom 15 for three of those four dimensions.

And check this out, Detroit was ranked in 99th place for safety, also coming in a three way tie with Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Oakland, California, for the city with the highest car theft rate.

I think I'll just listen to one of my favorite John Denver songs called Country Roads, and just stick to easy country driving and enjoy the scenery!



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