Its time to get to it. This is where the truth is gleaned from the media rot and we find the facts hidden by others agendas. It's the Steve GRUBER show—God Bless America.

And here are 3 BIG things you need to know:

Three—Mexico is awash in blood with bodies piling up at an incredible rate. In fact, there have been 500 cartel killings in just one week. It is an unprecedented killing spree that has shocked a nation with a murder rate 6 times that of America.

Two—Some context is key in the California fires. Let's compare the fires covering less than 100,000 acres to the fires that have burned millions of acres in years past. Yes in Western states, but also in the Midwest—like Chicago and Michigan.

And Number One—It's game on in the Swamp. Democrats are going all in on impeachment of President Trump, and they had better hope the bet is a good one because if they don’t get the payoff they guaranteed from Bob Mueller, the second bitter pill could be worse.

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