You may be browsing around on Zillow for one of these lakefront homes in Michigan. This doesn't have a waterfront view, but it is oddly shaped. Earns it points, right?

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Located in Detroit, there are a few dome houses, and they look kind of crazy inside.

Abandoned Dome Home In Detroit

You may not be in the market for a house shaped like a dome, but it is still an exciting layout and design you probably won't find much today.

Take a look below at the Michigan dome house, and see if this is a house you may want to live in.

Look Inside This Crazy Abandoned House In Detroit Michigan

Have you ever seen a dome house in Michigan? There are a few in Detroit. Take a look inside this one in Detroit.

See the original video below.

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Look Inside This Now Abandoned Michigan Mall

You may not want to venture into some of these abandoned places yourself, and that's fine. Other people will do it for you it seems. *As a caution, always avoid trespassing on private property. Be aware of possible injury as well due to the possibility of an aging structure.*

Look: Abandoned Northern Michigan Asylum

It's a place that you probably wouldn't want to have been in when it was open. Seeing it while closed... may be a different story.

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