The odd thing about all the demands from Democrats and the left to tear down statues and memorials to leaders of the Confederacy, America’s Founding Fathers and other significant historical figures; is that they are demanding in large part to erase their own past. Maybe this is intentional and lets be honest about young people today it seems many of them are willing to swallow whatever piece of dishonest revisionist history is posted on their favorite social media site. They are too busy putting their lunch on Facebook to actually read something about the things they read and immediately regurgitate and declare to be facts.

It might turn out to be pretty easy for the Democrats to bury their own sins by knocking statues down and blaming anyone they can. The narrative has been pushed at people for so long it seems the big lie might be taking root. What we need to do is stand up and say no. We need to clear our throats and make it clear that we are willing to do whatever it takes to tell the truth. At least I am.

So lets run through those that are now being targeted; Andrew Jackson, President, slave owner and Democrat, Robert E. Lee Democrat and leader of the insurrection that lead to the American Civil War and this list could go on for pages. Democrats instilled the Jim Crow laws across the south and Democrats erected the majority of these statues and monuments decades after the Civil War ended as an open act of defiance toward the Civil Rights Movement that was being fueled by Northern States and Republicans especially President Dwight Eisenhower.

In fact it was President Eisenhower that was instrumental in pushing through the Civil Rights Act of 1957; which was the first significant civil rights legislation since 1875. Republican members of Congress opposed by Democrats pushed the legislation through and it was the first significant civil rights law initiated and passed since the end of reconstruction. The bill reached the 60 votes needed with 37 of those coming from Republicans. Lyndon Johnson did everything he could to weaken the bill nearly beyond recognition so he could claim a civil rights narrative without alienating the hardcore racist base he enjoyed in the south. It’s a miscarriage of justice to credit LBJ as a hero of the civil rights movement as his motives were purely political and Eisenhower pursued the matter as a matter of moral principal. Eisenhower was able to work the second part through with the Civil Rights Act of 1960 that he signed in May of that year.

During this tumultuous period many of the monuments that are now under attack were planned, paid for and put up by Democrats in southern states.

Today however the unruly and uneducated mobs storming the city squares in America get their knowledge from fraudulent sources, old wives tales and myths perpetrated on the internet about how Democrats have been the champions of freedom and civil rights. Nothing could be further from the truth.

George Wallace who tried to block federal troops sent by President Eisenhower in the 1950’s to enforce new desegregation laws at schools and colleges declared famously: “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever,” was of course a Democrat. The Ku Klux Klan was founded by Southern Democrats to keep the black population at a disadvantage. Margaret Sanger the loved and embraced symbol of women’s rights and founder of Planned Parenthood created the birth control movement to eradicate “the weeds” of society and to her that meant all negros and people of color. Today the left celebrates her as some sort of hero. She was and is no hero, unless you embrace the idea of systemic elimination of people through abortion.

I simply cannot sit here and allow those unwilling or unable to actually study history and understand the complexity of it all to pervert the entire narrative and boil it down to ‘all Republicans are racist and Democrats are for civil rights.’ It is wholesale garbage and available on-line at absolutely no cost. You can find one lie after another on the internet when it comes to race, race relations, slavery and who perpetrated the servitude of men in this country. Unfortunately there are a lot of vulnerable and gullible people that never bother to do any research or find out for themselves what the truth really is.

Just remember all this revisionist history is worth exactly what you paid for it; zero.

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