The Blue Wall is crumbling and honest Democrats know it. The whole impeachment sham is being exposed to the light and Americans do not like what they see. I have been saying for a few days that the question is not whether Republicans jump ship to support President Trump’s impeachment and possible removal but whether Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi could actually get enough votes for impeachment.
It became clear during the televised impeachment hearings that House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff, was grasping at straws and that his so-called fact witnesses were nothing more than those that had heard gossip and made assumptions. The parade of career diplomats that clearly disliked The President were unpersuasive.
The hottest ticket in DC was shaping up to be a permission slip from Speaker Pelosi to Democrats in swing districts that want to vote no and preserve a chance of winning re-election in 2020. That has all changed however because Democrat Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, a strong supporter of Kamala Harris who does not represent a swing district says she no longer supports impeachment.
Appearing on a Michigan based radio program, No BS radio, Lawrence says she supports the idea of censuring President Trump and that is very bad news for Democrats. Now there are just 16 tickets left to say no. For members like Max Rose and Elissa Slotkin the lottery is getting tighter.
However, I do not believe it is going to hold together at all.
Adam Schiff overplayed his hand and it is now falling apart. Democrats have finally woken up to the fact that there really isn’t anything there and the polling numbers are dropping like a stone and if they want any hope of surviving they will flee Schiff’s Ship of Fools.

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