There once was a time that Lansing was a booming metropolis for local businesses and industries.

As we entered the late 1950s, we saw a lot of those businesses begin to be outsourced. So you can only imagine the excitement we had when stumbling upon a find from a new defunct Lansing business.

Look At These Finds From A Defunct Lansing Company

The company, originally known as the Lansing Wheelbarrow Company, later known as the Lansing Company in 1912, was founded in 1881 and remained in Lansing until 1961.

The main build from the company was of course at one time wheelbarrows, but they also did some dabbling in concrete as well.

In the late 1950s, the company absorbed the now defunct, Lansing Steel Fabricators, Inc.


Look At These Advertisements For This Defunct Lansing Company

If you're from Lansing, you've probably heard of the Lansing Wheelbarrow Company, also later on in its life, known as the Lansing Company. A new defunct company that dabbled in concrete and wheelbarrows in Lansing, take a look at these retro advertisements from the company.

Does Anything Remain Building Wise of the Lansing-Company?

Today, nothing seems to remain from the company factory-wise. In fact, according to a quick Google search as to where the company was back in the 1920s, there is nothing that remains. In fact, it seems like the area of the factory was around Lugnut's stadium.

Google Maps
Google Maps

However, we must remember that some of the mappings have to have changed from when this company was around back in the 1920s.

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