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Do you remember the first time you went bowling?
I don’t…no clue at all about my age, what year it was, where I was, when it was…or how I did.

I do recall that when our small town was building a brand new bowling alley, townsfolk were excited…finally! Something to do! Then it started being discussed about whether or not a bar should be put into it. The town was divided on that decision. The drinkers – even the casual ones – wanted a bar so they could enjoy beers while they bowled. The opposition didn’t want a bar included because the town had enough drunks wandering the streets anyway.

Needless to say, it was voted that a bar was to be added.

That bowling alley/bar has now been around for well over fifty years and it has seen its share of parties, receptions, reunions, fights, drunks, and throwing up. With or without a bar, every small town should have a bowling alley. It’s an easy place to take a date if you’re not old enough to drive. Plenty of young teenage couples have double-dated at a bowling alley to make it more comfortable.

The photo gallery below has images of one of Detroit’s deserted bowling alleys, shut down since 2012. Bottles of beer and liquor have been left in unplugged coolers and refrigerators, bowling pins still stand in the alleys, rows of bowling balls still sit, stacks of smelly bowling shoes sit in their respective slots, and notebooks full of financial records reveal a reason why it closed.

Take a look at the photos below and see for yourself…..

Abandoned Bowling Alley, Detroit


Abandoned Silver Mine, Lake Superior

Abandoned Gypsum Loading Dock, Alabaster

The Ideal Bar, Once Used By the Purple Gang for Rumrunning

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