According to a press release, Michigan State Football Coach Mark Dantonio has signed a revised contract that increases his base pay and bonuses and also does away with with a buy-out provision, should seek employment elsewhere. As scary of a thought as that is for Spartan fans, rest easy. Dantonio's revised contract includes a one-time $4.3 million bonus should he stay at the school through January 15, 2020. Should Dantonio retire before then, he is guaranteed one year of post-coaching employment at $1,000,000 for the year. Dantonio's assistants will also see a pay increase. $250,000 will be split amongst the staff.

All in all, Dantonio's annual pay increases from $3.67 million to $4.3 million. Each year he will receive a $2,264,480 base salary, $1,000,000 supplemental pay, $700,000 in annual bonuses if conditions (unspecified) are met, $185,520 in benefits, $100,000 bonus from the school's Nike agreement, and $50,000 in guaranteed performance incentives.

This link at gives a full view of the press release, and details the salaries of Dantonio's assistants.