President Obama was blind sided by a young reporter at his press conference in California Tuesday. Obama was prepped I’d guess, for questions on the vacancy on The Supreme court when he called on the young man who put Obama on his heels. The reporter pointed out that last year that Obama said if Vladimir Putin went into Syria he would do so “from a point of weakness”, he went on to point out it looked like Putin was doing pretty well in his alliance with President Assad of Syria. He even had the audacity to tell Obama that the imminent fall of Aleppo to Syrian forces was another blow to the US position and rebels we support. The real kicker though was when he asked Obama “have you been outfoxed by Putin?”

It was a thing of beauty. He went from somewhat jovial to serious, to flatfooted in his manner and response. He gave some rambling defense of the US strategy, which is basically non-existent and further said Putin would certainly find himself in a quagmire in Syria sometime soon.

Well maybe or maybe not but it was pretty obvious Obama had stepped in it with his response after he was certainly outfoxed by the reporter.