We've been hearing some talk of raising some speed limits on Michigan freeways over the last few weeks. And, today, the Detroit Free Press is reporting that a package of bills that could see some speed limits increased to as much as 80 miles per hour has stalled in the House of Representatives. According to today's Free Press report, some House members expressed concerns over a potential for 80 MPH roads due to current road designs and conditions. Others simply are just weary of such a speed increase.

But, there are other bills in this package that would actually lower some speed limits on gravel roads, give authority to local school superintendents to lower speed limits in school zones by as much as 20 miles per hour, and to reduce the amount of points that a driver would receive if ticketed for going 5 MPH over a posted speed limit.

The report also states that lawmakers may bring the package back up for vote next week.