Well isn’t this interesting and appears to be slipping under the radar of the media, I wonder why?

New guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now state that those who come in close contact for more than 15 minutes with someone who has a current case of coronavirus could spread the virus regardless of whether either party wears a mask.

The CDC wrote its findings on its Public Health Guidance for Community-Related Exposure page and stated the following:

“Individual who has had close contact (< 6 feet)** for ≥15 minutes*

Are recommended to:

  • Stay home until 14 days after last exposure and maintain social distance (at least 6 feet) from others at all times
  • Self-monitor for symptoms
  • Check temperature twice a day
  • Watch for fever*, cough, or shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19
  • Avoid contact with people at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19"

They then added the note:

“This is irrespective of whether the person with COVID-19 or the contact was wearing a mask or whether the contact was wearing respiratory personal protective equipment (PPE)”

The CDC states that "data to inform the definition of close contact are limited." Factors "to consider" when defining close contact are:

  • duration of exposure
  • proximity to an infected person
  • and whether or not that person is presenting symptoms.

The CDC went on to say:

“Data are insufficient to precisely define the duration of time that constitutes a prolonged exposure. Recommendations vary on the length of time of exposure, but 15 minutes of close exposure can be used as an operational definition. Brief interactions are less likely to result in transmission; however, symptoms and the type of interaction (e.g., did the infected person cough directly into the face of the exposed individual) remain important.”

I find this all very interesting and now wonder why some medical doctors and scientists are pushing the wearing of masks.  My concern is they giving everyone a false sense of security which will then allow them to engage in more risky behavior.

Many may believe because they are wearing a mask they are practically immune from getting the disease.

Makes you wonder why Joe Biden said if he wins the Presidency he would make it mandatory that every person in the country wear a mask, even though he does not have the power to do so.

Also, why are all these politicians, who are supposed to be informed, not following the science from the CDC and stop giving everyone a false sense of security?

Wonder why we catch these scientists, I am looking at you Dr. Fauci, not wearing masks when in close contact with others when they think no one is looking.

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