A new experimental drug and treatment have been 100% effective in making tumors vanish on those tested.

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A Piece of Good News


I am someone who keeps a close eye on the news and for the most part, there is almost never any good news.

I see a report on the TV screen yesterday that said, new experimental cancer treatment has proven to be 100% effective in getting tumors to vanish. I was blown away by the doctor who was just as surprised as I was that everyone tested became cancer-free.

I know it's early in the testing but still a great piece of news and I hope more people begin talking about this and let others know who have cancer about this new experimental treatment.

Experimental Cancer Treatment 100% Effective On Those Tested

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I watched a brief news story yesterday on a major news network where the doctor said they did an experimental treatment on 18 patients with rectal cancer. All 18 patients' tumors vanished. That is a low number for a trial group but this type of result has never been seen before in the history of cancer research.

What Is New Experimental Cancer Treatment?

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When I saw this news story it gave me a feeling that more people should know about this new experimental cancer treatment.

According to NPR's WBEZ Chicago, doctors at New York's Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center had patients do a six-month trial of a drug named dostarlimab. The drug doesn't attack cancer, it actually gets the patient's immune system to do the work. This is called immunotherapy.

KEITH CHAMBERS/Science Photo Library/Getty Images/Science Photo Libra
KEITH CHAMBERS/Science Photo Library/Getty Images/Science Photo Libra

Dostarlimab and other similar drugs have been around for a while used to treat melanoma and other cancers. This is the first time they have been used for colorectal cancers.

What Does This New Experimental Drug and Treatment Mean to Cancer Patients?

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So far on the 18 patients who have done the treatment, there have been no severe side effects at all. This new experimental drug and treatment could lead to no more chemo treatments or surgeries.

Doctors and scientists are trying to hold back their excitement about this cancer breakthrough. There will need to be more testing under more diverse settings to get a real true result but so far this has been a game-changer for those who went through the treatment so far.

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