The 12-year-old that robbed a Van Buren county gas station with his father's gun may be tried as an adult.

Think about what you were doing the summer you turned 12.  I was probably grounded because of my terrible grades just before the end of the school year. Or maybe I had a summer job detasseling corn.  This 12-year-old had very different summer plans that may have just ruined the rest of his life.

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This pre-teen was caught on a high-quality HD surveillance video robbing a Marathon gas station in Hartford, Michigan at gunpoint.  In the video, the kid stands in line in front of the register.  There is a person in front of him and at least one person behind him in the video clip going viral on all social media platforms.  When it's his turn at the register he points a handgun at the clerk and says, "put the money in the bag."  When the clerk says in a confused voice, "are you serious" the kid repeats himself and fires a warning shot into the ceiling.  The gas station clerk told WWMT that she didn't think the robbery was real at first,

He sounded way too calm.  I seriously thought it was a prank until I heard the gun go off.

The clerk then filled the young boy's bag with thousands of dollars and told him to get out.  Law enforcement quickly caught up with the suspected armed robber in a parking lot just a couple of blocks away.

The 12-year-old suspect has been charged with 6 felonies which include armed robbery.  If he is found guilty and sentenced as an adult, he could face life in prison.  All of the stolen money and the gun the boy allegedly used in the incident have been recovered.

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