Let's get right to it, this house has a freakin' slide in it, and I'm seriously debating on moving to Wisconsin because of it, because it's listed for Sale for a cool $4.5 million.

I'm terrible with money, and buy more dumb things than I need with money I don't have. This would be my crowning achievement though, assuming a bank would give me a loan for this. I can just imagine that conversation...

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Me: "Uh, yes, I'd like a $4 million home loan.
Bank: "OH, well, that's a lot. What makes it so special?"
Me: "It has a slide......"
Bank: "That's it?"
Me: "I mean, yeah, it has other stuff, but mostly the slide."
Bank: "No."

For real though, this house has everything.

It was built in 2019 on Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin. Five Bedrooms, Five and a half bathrooms (all spectacular), it has an elevator, TWO Laundry Rooms for some reason, massive closets, more than 6,000 square feet, three-car garage. I mean, really, this house is a freakin' blast to look through.

Whoever built this home knows how to party, and have fun. Between the slide and the game room alone, there's the fun. Every living space is built to be a perfect hangout area.

The views on the lake are incredible, the outdoor spaces are beautiful, and I can only assume the elevator was put in place because this person KNEW they were gonna party hard enough one night, that stairs weren't an option to get back up to their room.

The Kitchen is crazy, too. HUGE counter space, enough cabinets to fill with every "As Seen on TV" appliance you can dream of, and it has a built in breakfast booth, so when you're hungover in the morning, it actually feels like you're sitting at a Denny's booth, waiting for your Moons over My Hammy Sandwich to be made. (Albeit, much more classy).

This house has everything, and if it's still around and available when I retire one day, put me on the list as potential buyer!

This Wisconsin Home comes complete with an elevator, Slide, and game room

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