Liberals all over the country are in full on convulsions right now- every time they hear or see Jenean Hampton. You see Hampton is the first ever, African American to be elected to statewide office in Kentucky. That’s right the first black person to ever get voted in to a statewide position by the citizens of the Blue Grass State. She won the race to become Lieutenant Governor and she is- you guessed it, a Republican. And even worse- this hard working and proud black woman is a leader in the Tea Party movement and a whole lot more.

For all of their boasting about looking out for the little guy- the Democrats are increasingly the party of old white people. I mean do Multi- Millionaire Hillary Clinton and avowed socialist Bernie Sanders inspire anything but the same old geriatric white crowd? Could Lincoln Chaffee and Martin O’Malley be any more white if they tried?

Once again it is the Republicans that break through and elect a qualified woman of color. Jenean Hampton, is in my estimation more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be President. Democrats will go berserk and say, Steve, how could you possible make such a crazy claim?

Well lets go over Hampton’s resume’ one line at a time. She grew up in Detroit. Lets be honest that’s tough to begin with just ask another Republican on the national stage Dr. Ben Carson.  Hampton was one of four girls born to Donald and Marie Hampton. Like so many kids her parents divorced when she was seven years old. Single moms are more common in poor black homes than anywhere else. But is she a victim? No.

Her mother struggled to support her girls because she never graduated from high school. Hampton, instead of making excuses made it ahabit of getting things done. She graduated high school and earned an industrial engineering degree from Wayne State University.

Then she set her sights even higher and joined the United States Air Force. There she worked as a computer systems officer, retiring as and officer, earning the rank of Captain. During seven years military service she served at many posts and was deployed to Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. She was responsible for critical radar software used in both search and rescue missions and tracking enemy planes.

After leaving the Air Force she entered the private sector and worked nineteen years in the corrugated packaging industry, starting as a crew supervisor on the production floor, working her way up to quality and sales, and finally reaching the position of plant manager.

You know it’s funny for most people that would have been plenty but not for Jenean Hampton. No, not for her. She also earned her MBA from the University of Rochester with concentrations in marketing, entrepreneurship and electronic commerce.

And then she decided to run for public office. Her first run last year came up short against Kentucky State Representative Jody Richards but her commitment to the Tea Party movement never waivered.

You see Hampton believes in America and the American Dream. She was not deterred by defeat but rather it steeled her commitment and this year she was chosen by Matt Bevin, another Tea Party outsider running for Governor to join him on the ticket.

Jenean Hampton is officially one of my hero’s. She is a Michigan native, military veteran, engineer, has an MBA and  now is Lt. Governor of Kentucky. Like I said her resume’ in my opinion is better than Hillary Clintons.

What do you think?