He is a true believer. He is a young man with a serious case of loving America. He relishes the stories of his father the bar tender and his mother a hotel house keeper, both Cuban immigrants who came to America to build a better life for their children. Now, their son Marco, is poised to become President of The United States.

The 44 year old junior Senator from Florida is surging in the polls after his most recent debate performance. He seems more poised, more prepared and frankly more Presidential than those around him on the stage.

It seems Republican voters are seeing that too. Marco is rocketing up in the polls and will soon take the lead. He is getting endorsements from billionaires and other prominent conservatives.

Make no mistake- Marco is rising, and he is the one Hillary Clinton is truly scared of. She should be. He is a serious candidate and a serious counter balance to the absurd ideas percolating in our nation about socialism, Marxism and the nanny state.