The cost of former State Reps Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat trying to get the seats back they lost in September, Courser by resigning and Gamrat by getting thrown out by her colleagues will likely cost voters in Lapeer and Allegan Counties well into the 6 figures.

The real cost, which is yet to be determined also includes the circus like sideshow the two have put on for the taxpayers of Michigan that have been left with the bill.

I hope that Tuesday will bring to an end the entire sordid affair. It began with an extramarital affair- in and of itself not shocking in the State Capitol. From there it spiraled into a national punchline- when Courser tried to sell a story about himself with a male prostitute. He apparently thought that was a better story than a straight affair. Anyway it all gives me a headache still.

Please people do the right thing- and vote.

The primary election winners will move on to the March 8 general election, the same day as the state's presidential primary election.