I'm a true believer that no kid should go hungry. That's why the Bird Feeder project is about making sure children throughout the Charlotte school district have a place to get food.

According to WILX, a teacher in Charlotte noticed that some kids would come to school hungry and wanted food.

So this wonderful Charlotte teacher along with others, decided to make a food pantry in the school calling it the Bird Feeder because the school's mascot is the Orioles.

About 50 percent of Charlotte elementary school students qualify for free and reduced lunch, along with about 30 percent of high school students.

The Bird Feeder will give them a way to get food during the day as needed. The pantry is also available for kids to load up on supplies before weekends and long breaks.

This year, the Charlotte school district is testing a free breakfast and lunch program for kids in kindergarten through third grade in the early elementary schools.

This incredible idea has been a team effort, and they just want to make sure kids have all the tools they need to learn, without distractions.


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