Walleye fisherman get ready because some bills may get passed by the Senate that would allow commercial fisherman to catch a quota of walleye and lake trout.

According to MLive, bills are aiming to allow commercial fishing of walleye and lake trout while eliminating commercial fishing of yellow perch.

Perch fisherman catch a lot of walleye and lake trout and many die because of the pressure of changes they go through going to the surface and rather than waste the fish, the bill would allow commercial fisherman to sell them rather than throw them away.

That sounds good, but if a bill passes to ban perch fishing, it seems the same problem then would happen to the perch that are caught while trying to catch the walleye and lake trout.

Either way around it, commercial fishing all three, really reduces the numbers of fish for local anglers.

One Michigan Senator Kevin Daley said, "By updating our laws and expanding the list of catchable fish to include limited amounts of lake trout and walleye, we can better manage our natural resources, help the DNR strengthen enforcement, and help our commercial fishermen complete in the modern economy.

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