Walmart, CVS, and Kroger have all announced that they will be accepting only credit or debit cards unless customers can produce the exact change when paying cash.

The demand by retailers is in response to a coin shortage that has been affecting retailers across the country.  Many businesses, both large and small, have been starting to feel the crunch of a lack of change due to a couple factors caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The coin shortage is due to two major factors that in conjunction with one another have really messed up the retail environment.  First, social distancing policies in the mints resulted in a reduction of coin production and secondly the lack of people using coins because of stay at home orders has caused mass coin shortages.

Right now, most major retailers are feeling the shortage and have some sort of plan in place.  Walmart, CVS, and Kroger are asking for exact change and Meijer is currently suspending cash payments at their self-checkout lanes.

Just to be cautious, it's probably not a bad idea to assume that most businesses are going to have trouble making change when you go out shopping.

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