Ron Rademacher - Travel Writer, Author, Speaker, Story Teller, and a Guy Who Holds The Record For Getting Lost On The Back Roads Of Michigan.

NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS TIME: Focus on what really matters in life. Have had requests to tell the Yooper Creation Story again for the new year, requires just under 1 minute.

NATIONAL FRUIT CAKE TOSS DAY: join a cake toss near you/ be the first on your block to organize a competition. Fruitcake Preservation Society – European Tyranny – Fruitcake Frappacino

EBEN ICE CAVES : already frozen in the Rock River Gorge – quite difficult

SLED DOG ADVENTURES: top notch outfit - learn to drive a sled dog team or just enjoy the ride

LOOKING AHEAD: Sturgeon Spotters Are Needed -
2018 lake sturgeon season on Black Lake to begin Feb. 3 at 8:00 a.m. The 2018 total harvest limit for Black Lake is seven lake sturgeon. However, to reduce the chance of exceeding the harvest limit, officials will close the season when one of two scenarios occurs: Once the sixth fish is harvested, or if five fish have been harvested at the end of any fishing day.

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