I read a post from a liberal on Twitter today that was attacking President Trump for some of his alleged transgressions against the world. The post read in part “Have you come across any other Presidents who have mocked US citizens, the free press and the intel agencies or who show deference to dictators of other nations that are not our allies? I have not.”

Why, yes, yes I have. I decided to put together a short list for everyone to review so they do not forget and trust me this is a very short list.

Woodrow Wilson mocked women’s rights and denigrated blacks. He fought vigilantly against women having the right to vote. He did that right from the Oval Office. Wilson even screened Birth of a Nation in the White House, 50 years after the end of the Civil War. In fact Wilson was quite a guy when it came to the press as well. During World War One he banned so-called ‘radical’ journalists from working altogether. He also banned socialist reporters from working and went so far as to jail the leader of the Socialist Party in America who had received almost a million votes in 1912. I guess his war on the press was much more significant than a few hundred Tweets about ‘Fake News.’

Franklin Roosevelt had Americans of Japanese decent rounded up and thrown in cages during World War Two. We all know that but it went much further. In fact FDR targeted just about everyone that opposed his policies with harsh responses. In the book To Save a Nation (1973) historian Geoffrey Smith found that Roosevelt would try link his opponents of his foreign policy to outside forces that were a threat to America. FDR publicly accused such opponents of “aiding and abetting the enemy.” In fact it has been well documented that in an effort to ingratiate himself with FDR, the head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover used the agency as a weapon against political opponents. Strangely enough it was learned that the FBI often worked illegally with their counterparts in Britain to obtain information. Sounds a bit familiar now doesn’t it?

Lets continue.

LBJ, mocked and insulted blacks while he put his name to the 1965 Civil Rights Act and made light of the moment as nothing more than a political move. Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from coming to America at all and threw students from that nation out of ours.

But we really don’t need to go that far back. Much more recently Barack Obama did the wave with a brutal and murderous dictator, Fidel Castro during a baseball game in Havana. They laughed and drank beer together like old friends. Maybe they were. I guess the fact that Castro once had nuclear weapons in Cuba aimed at The United States was of no concern. The fact that Castro routinely murdered his own citizens who disagreed with him politically was just fine as well. I mean seriously how short is the memory of the left?

While President Barack Obama was in office he also traded 5 terrorist military leaders for an American traitor that has now been convicted. Some of the terrorist leaders have long since returned to the battle field hoping kill as many Americans as possible.

Do you remember when Sheryl Atkinson of CBS was hacked by the Obama Administration? Do you remember how she was forced out for doing her job as an investigative reporter? Then of course there was James Rosen of Fox News that was also hacked and they couldn’t even deny that one. During his whole administration Obama openly mocked Fox News, the network he didn’t like because of it’s reporting. But unlike CNN, The Washington Post and The New York Times, Fox News wasn’t making up stories using so-called anonymous sources on a near daily basis. One would wonder if there actually sources at all based on some the bizarre stories that have been revealed to be flat out false. Most recently the now totally discredited story that President Trump was banning terms like science-based from use at the Centers for Disease Control.

Of course Barack Obama also apologized to the world over and over again for some perceived transgressions by The United States. His wife, the former First Lady, concluded that she was proud of her country for the first time as an adult.

So like I said, this is a short list for you to consider as we head into a new year with the same old allegations of “this is unprecedented.” It’s not. Just because you’re seeing it for the first time doesn’t mean it’s happening for the first time or that it is even that interesting.

Take it from me, you and I just aren’t that interesting.

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