Let us start the new year off with some great news.

The Detroit News is reporting that in 2017 Detroit had the fewest homicides in 51 years. In 1966 Detroit had 214 homicides, in 2017 Detroit had 267 homicides, the least since 1966.

With all the bad news Detroit has had it is great to start off 2018 with that news.

The great news continues when we look deeper into the numbers and find out that the number of people killed in Detroit per capita also dropped in 2017. Detroit had a homicide rate of 39.5 homicides per 100,000 residents, that rate is down from 44.8 last year. That is the lowest per capita homicide rate since 2008, when it was 37.4.

According to the Detroit police, other violent crimes fell in Detroit in 2017, those crimes include:

  • nonfatal shootings from 948 to 831
  • aggravated assaults from 8,844 to 8,498
  • robberies from 3,035 to 2,582
  • carjackings from 374 to 302
  • arsons dropped from 934 to 897
  • All great news that should be celebrated.

Hopefully things will continue too improve in Detroit and Michigan.

Talk to you tomorrow Tuesday January 2.

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