We have all been in a Shelter-in-Place order since mid-March. Governor Whitmer is doing what she thinks is best for our citizens by following the data and statistics, and flattening the curve of infections from Covid-19. The people of Michigan are encouraged to wear a mask to protect themselves and others from being infected.  Some businesses have been allowed to resume operations such as Lawn Care, Industrial Manufacturing, Lawn and Garden centers and others.

However, many services are still off limits. And there is a group of Michigan residents that have been very resistant to these extreme measures in stopping the spread of the virus. They have been protesting at the State Capitol for the past few Thursdays. Many are armed, and displaying confederate flags and signs calling for a recall on the Governor's election. Emotions are high, and people are mad.

MLive reports that a fight broke out during today’s protest at the capitol. The fight broke out when a man carrying a garbage can filled with a sign, an axe, and a flag, removed the flag from the can. Attached to the flag was an unclothed doll with long brown hair hanging from a noose.

The protest organizers called the display hate speech. One of the protesters tried to remove the doll, that’s when the confrontation happened.

The man with the flag ran away from the skirmish and ran to the State Police who surrounded him. No injuries or arrests were reported.

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