It has been an interesting 2020 for all of us, our first pandemic, and not only are people suffering and dying from it, but somehow politics has worked its way into it. I know, everywhere we go, there’s politics. At work, in social circles, even at home or in church. Politics has weaseled its way into many things we deal with in everyday life. The one area I do not grasp is refusing to wear a mask. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control), WHO (World Health Organization), and health experts all around the world have said that if everyone wore a face covering, the curve would flatten and the infection rates would become smaller. Other countries have brought their infection level to minimal levels by successfully having everyone wear a mask, social distance and wash their hands.

Wearing a face mask or covering is a major pain for those of us not used to it, but people in the medical profession wear them all day every day. Most of us in America like to think we are people who care about our country and our neighbors, and trying to help others when we can. American’s are known for their kindness and charity when tragedy strikes. But because some politicians have refused to wear a face mask, many followers have embraced that attitude. We are the only country in the world that has made wearing a mask a political statement. Several have shot or stabbed others who kindly asked them to wear a mask. Businesses are now requiring them, and many confrontations have occurred at businesses by people who refuse and think it is their right not to wear one. Wearing a mask does not help the wearer, it is helps others. And when others are also wearing a mask, we are all helping each other. That is the America I grew up in, to help our fellow citizens. I will never forget when JFK said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

We are all truly in this together. And the more we band together and follow the guidelines created by the experts, the quicker we can push this nasty virus down to minimal existence. I understand the frustration we are all going through, we have had our liberties and freedom of choice drastically limited for months at a time. It is not easy. But we can prevail and win this battle as we have many times in our existence. I know there are some who could really care less about me or others, and people have a right to their own opinion. But I am the kind of guy who has always believed in karma. Everything you do, comes back to you, good or bad. I wish for nothing but good things for all of us. If most of us can pull it together and fight the good fight to defeat Covid-19, there are many better days and years ahead for all of us.


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