Unless you commute from home, the college dorm is one of the most important spaces in a young student's life.

It's a place to sleep, a place to study, often times a place to party, and most of all a place to live.

The vast majority of American colleges have dormitories on campus, and many require students who aren't commuting from home to stay in them as opposed to off-campus housing. This is especially true for incoming freshman and often sophomores, with more leniency appearing as students get closer to graduation in their junior and senior years.

Suffice it to say, the quality of a college's dormitories is--for some--almost as big a consideration as the quality of education offered by a particular university.

With the help of ratings and reviews from the college information website Niche, Newsweek has ranked the 25 best college dormitories in the United States.

A handful of those listed among those having the top 25 dorms are well-known schools with difficult admission criteria. For instance, Yale University's dorms rank 19th on the survey, while Texas Christian University comes in at #21.

The vast majority of colleges or universities with highly-rated dormitories are smaller schools.

We searched the entire list, and were pleasantly surprised to see a Michigan university represented at #4.

According to Newsweek's rankings, Saginaw Valley State University in Saginaw County has the fourth-best dormitories among colleges in the US. (According to Niche, SVSU gets a B grade overall.)

One unnamed college senior summed it up by saying "the dorms are absolutely beautiful with many perks-- complete kitchen, spacious rooms, clean bathrooms, doorbells, an incredibly large living area, as well as a dining area."

Take a look at the photos and videos below and see how the dorms at SVSU compare with the ones where you went to college!

These Are The 4th Best Dorms in the US, According to Newsweek

Take a look inside the dorms at Saginaw Valley State University, rated by Newsweek as the 4th best in the nation, using data from college information site Niche.

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