A man was arrested and banned from one of the most magical places on Earth after getting into a fight with two teenagers while waiting in line for a ride at Disney World.

The confrontation happened outside Toy Story Mania. According to the Mirror, Ramon Aponte Jr. called out the teens for cutting in line. The argument escalated, and he reportedly said that he had brain cancer after it got physical.

Aponte then referred to the teens as "two a--holes" when they went to board the ride, which led to them all being kicked out of the line. After continuing to go back and forth, one of the teens complained of suffering a concussion. Aponte was arrested after cast members accused him of instigating the situation.

The teen who complained of a concussion was treated for smaller wounds, notably cuts, at a local hospital.

Everyone involved was reportedly banned from returning to the theme park. It is unclear if they will face additional consequences.

Inside the Magic noted that this isn't the first time a fight has gone down at a Disney resort this year.

A fight in Disney World's Magic Kingdom attracted attention as it involved multiple families and resulted in both hospitalizations and arrests. There was also a documented confrontation at Disneyland.

That's still barely scratching the surface.

A woman was also arrested and given a ban from Disney resorts after slapping and spitting on her husband during a dispute outside Animal Kingdom. Meanwhile, a father was arrested after an off-duty police officer saw him hitting his child.

Things have been tense enough that there was a Reddit thread where Disney travelers weighed in on the flurry of violent encounters taking place at the parks.

While some commenters argued that the incidents were always happening but were more highly publicized now, others blamed the pandemic and the current political atmosphere for shorter fuses.

The thread itself was locked by a moderator shortly after it opened because it was rapidly becoming heated.

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