This is what it's like when a Californian and a Michigander collide.

If you have not lived in Michigan all of your life, or even if you have - pronouncing the names of places in the Great Lakes State can be a challenge. Try saying Tahquamenon Falls three times fast or correctly pronouncing Cadieux Road correctly. It's not so easy, is it?

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If plenty of Michigan residents cannot pronounce the names of cities, towns, and roads in their own state correctly, how do you think a Californian will do? I think you know the answer to that question is not so great.

Sure the man in the TikTok video below actually does come close on a few of the pronunciations, but right from the jump, you will be laughing when he attempts to pronounce Dequindre Road. I have never heard anyone say Dick-in-dre until now.

After watching his hilarious attempt to pronounce a list of Michigan places, be sure to watch the next video to see his reaction as to exactly how these places are correctly pronounced.

I get that Mackinac Island can be easily mispronounced, but what is the deal with Michiganders adding 's' onto everything? Did you know there is no 's' on Meijer? It's true. The same goes for Kroger stores - no 's' at the end. Now just think about how many times you have said out loud that you are going to Meijer's or running to Kroger's.

Yep, I do it too - guilty as charged.

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