Albert Edson Sleeper was Michigan's governor from 1917-1921. He also owned a few banks, real estate, worked in mercantile, served as senator, and state treasurer.

He was elected Michigan's governor on November 7, 1916 and re-elected in 1918. Among many other things he accomplished, he created the Michigan State Police (then called the Michigan State Troops Permanent Force) and was responsible for the first issued driver's license. At the age of 71, Sleeper passed away on May 13, 1934, in Lexington, Michigan, where he was buried.

His lavish mansion was sold in 1954 and became a funeral home until 1974. The house was again sold, and the new owners continued running it as a funeral home until 2006.

Today, Governor Sleeper's exquisite home is deplorably in shambles, due in part to someone turning it into a Halloween “haunted house” some time ago.

The mansion is located at 302 W. Huron Avenue in Bad Axe. Take a look at the photos below.


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