Interesting that a mayor who is asking a city commissioner to resign should really consider resigning himself for his actions.

The Detroit News is reporting that the mayor of Royal Oak is calling for a city commissioner to resign because she exercised her constitutional right of “free speech” and “peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”.

A Royal Oak city commissioner attended Operation Gridlock: Lansing last Wednesday and for that, the mayor Michael Fournier is asking her to resign.  Interesting how so many people in elected office during this emergency declaration are being exposed for the frauds that they are when it comes to following Michigan’s and the U.S. Constitution.

I have supplied the above links of Michigan’s and the U.S. Constitution to help the mayor of Royal Oak, the Governor and Attorney General of Michigan understand what they can and cannot do.  It looks like all three of them have quite a bit of reading and contemplating to do.

The mayor believes that the commissioner had a "complete lack of judgment”. He was quoted in the article stating:

I have significant concerns about her ability to represent our city...Moving forward, it shows a complete lack of judgment and empathy for all of those who have succumbed to this disease, their families and especially those on the front line working their tails off to keep us safe and healthy.

It appears that Mayor Fournier has a complete misunderstanding of people’s rights and should be the one considering resigning immediately.

The commissioner said she is not going to resign as the mayor wishes and stated she did not put herself or anyone else in danger.  She admitted to getting out of her car for a time being and came in contact with approximately 3 people, people in which she remained a minimum of 6 feet of distance from them.  I am going to bet that the mayor has come closer than 6 feet when he is performing his duties and shopping.

The commissioner in a Facebook posting stated:

Nobody was crossing any barriers. Nobody was violating anybody else's personal space...My ability to serve the community and those who voted for me has nothing to do with me being there.

She went on to say that she attended the event:

to support the unheard voices of small business owners and those who work for them...Many of them are facing permanently losing their business or their jobs due to Governor Whitmer’s near total shutdown of the State...The rules of her lockdown have become arbitrary and capricious.

The commissioner then stated that Michigan should soon start to slowly open parts of Michigan's economy safely:

without resorting to punitive executive orders” that “takes a sledgehammer to the entire economy of the state of Michigan.

Perhaps Mayor Fournier is not so concerned about taking a “sledgehammer to the entire economy of the state of Michigan” because he works in government and he and they will always get paid no matter what happens.

Perhaps the mayor should think a bit about ALL of his constituents that are being harmed by the virus and the reaction to it.

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