I have been an avid movie-goer ever since I was a kid. I had an older brother and sister, and I can remember going to the drive-in movies with my brother and his friends. Of course, they were not paying my way in, so I had to hide in the trunk until we got inside. The good old days when drive-in movies were packed every weekend. It was also an interesting place to people watch; all kinds of interesting things happened at drive-ins. Makes you wonder why so many car windows are fogged up! But the best part of the drive-in experience is the movies!

Now currently due to Covid-19, we do not have much opportunity to see movies unless we are watching them on TV. The state has closed movie theaters to protect us from the virus. But here in Michigan, there are still a few drive-in movie theaters, that are open. You are outside and in your own vehicle, so no worry of sharing the virus. Now if you go to the concession stand, you will still have to keep a safe distance and wear your mask. There were several movies planned to premiere this summer, but that has all been on hold. Now with these fine drive-in theaters open for the summer, here in Michigan and around the country you can catch up and see some new releases. Most of these drive-ins offer wireless audio where you listen on your car radio, and some still have the old speaker you hang on your window. Just do not forget to remove it before you leave.

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