The Batman wasn't the only new thing I saw at the movies when I went this past weekend.

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Things at the movies have changed.

Remember when the pandemic hit and things started closing down. The movie industry was one of those hardest hit when people started staying home because of Covid-19.

Changes were made and studios (and streaming companies) did what they could to stave off losing even more profits and going out of business. Extinction was looming my friends.

Some have attempted to charge extra for these releases on top of a subscription cost, ‘ala Disney Plus, while others such as Warner Bros. struck deals with specific streamers (HBO Max) that allowed their new films (like this weekend’s Dune) to head straight to “free” streaming on the same day they arrived in theaters. (Paste Magazine)

But as Covid numbers started going down and movies stopped streaming (and were premiering "only in theaters"), people started to head back to the multiplexes.

Box offices numbers have started to go back up, blockbusters are back, and that's what had me in a theater to see "The Batman" this weekend.

Bro, what's that thing?

Before I even start dishing out spoilers to the movie (which I won't except for there is no post-credit scene to the almost 3-hour ordeal), I saw this and needed to know...what's that?

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

This is at NCG in Lansing and in a non-Extreme theater. There was now a dividing wall between the stadium seating. And the divider separated these seats with a cup holder/tray device from seats that didn't have it.

Take a look. As my seats were directly behind the wall separating these new "VIP/Premium" seats.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

What's the deal with the movie seats?

According to the folks at the theater and when you purchase your tickets online, these seats are now "premium" seats. Premium because they are closer to the screen and have the new tray/cup holder combo. That'll be $11.50 per seat for an evening show.

That's an extra $2.00 per seat for an evening show.

Seats behind the dividing wall are below. These are just $9.50 per seat for an evening show.

And getting either of them online and in advance will also run you a $1.25 convenience fee.

I know you have to make your money and make up for lost profits during the pandemic. But now the closer seats (in a stadium seating setup) are going to run me two more bucks in addition to a convenience fee when I'm buying tickets online?

And let's not forget about that $4 box of Nestle Crunch pieces I can get for a BUCK at Walmart and sneak them in.

I understand inflation and all but come on. And honestly, just seeing that dividing wall separating the seats and charging more because of a tray has really got me feeling "some kinda way".

I'll leave you with this.

In a series of new polls conducted by CivicScience, the majority of Americans, in fact, said they preferred to watch new releases at home rather than in a theater, even when both options are available simultaneously. (Paste Magazine)

I like going to the movies but I am also already paying for at least half a dozen streaming services.

Keep nickel and diming me for seats closer to the screen and I'll just stay home and wait to stream a movie from my couch.

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