Portland is a cool small town where outdoor amenities and smiles are plentiful. Portland is known as the City of Two Rivers, because it is at the confluence of the Grand River and Looking Glass River. You will discover miles of trails and seven bridges spanning the way from here to there. Portland is a community with a sense of pride and unity. They value service, helping neighbors, and love to donate time in many selfless acts. Portland has a rich history, much of it reflected in the buildings in the historic Kent Street area. 3,900 residents and dozens of businesses call Portland home.

The Mission of the Portland Downtown area is to “cultivate a strong economic environment that collaboratively embraces our history, culture, and resources." Some of the major festivals and events you would find in Portland when Covid-19 is not around are the Downtown Block Party in May, Beerfest on The Bridge in August, Holiday Fest in December, and Outdoor concerts on the Grand. If you are looking for a small town adventure, Portland could be one of Michigan's best kept secrets. Go and find out for yourself. Here are 7 places to check out in Portland, The City of Two Rivers.

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