A team of domino artists, including one of the judges from the TV show 'Domino Masters' gathered at a Michigan school to assemble and knock down a wall of dominoes.

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Steve Price, who is one of the judges on the Fox TV show is also the brother of one of the teachers at Trillium Academy in Taylor, Michigan. Mrs. Price and her third-grade class welcomed the team back in April as they set up about 100,000 dominoes.

By the Numbers

The team set up a chain-reaction machine and the largest domino wall ever created.

  • The wall itself consisted of 54,321 dominoes, which breaks a Guinness world record.
  • Nearly 50,000 more dominoes were used to set up multiple chain reactions around the school's gymnasium.
  • In all, the team set up roughly 100,000 dominoes, including the chain reactions.
  • It took nearly one week to set up all the dominoes used for the event. (But just moments to topple)

Students Had the Opportunity to Participate

Trillium Academy posted several pictures of the event on its Facebook page. The school's assistant principal, Deanna Doede, told the News-Herald that one of the students had the honor of pushing down the first domino.

"One of our students, Emily Wright, actually started the topple," Doede said. "The wall itself was the final piece that toppled. There were multiple chain reactions that led up to that incredible moment."

'Domino Masters' airs on the Fox Television network (seen locally on WSMH Fox-66) and is hosted by Eric Stonestreet.


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