Independence Day is already upon us in 2022. The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays.

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the 4th takes place during summertime. Sure, our independence would be celebrated no matter what time of year it took place. What would the Fourth of July be like if we celebrated our independence in January? It would be cold, snowy and windy. We are pretty lucky when it comes to summer in Michigan. The weather is usually nice, the temps are warm and there's lots to do in Michigan. Hit the lakes, beaches, upper peninsula and state parks. There's going to be something to do, I guarantee it. It's fun to catch up with friends and family too.

One of the first fireworks displays I can remember from growing up took place at the Berrien County Youth Fair in 1978/79. As a kid, I remember thinking, "these are loud, there's fire and I don't like them." Fast forward to my current age, I think fireworks are awesome and I love watching really good displays and creating my own.

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Going to firework displays is entertaining, with lots of oooooohs and ahhhhhs. Heck, this past weekend my wife and I watched the Meridian Township fireworks display from our third-floor apartment window. We had awesome seats, even though they were taking place about a mile from us.

Sometimes plans don't work out and you'll need to put on your own fireworks display at home. Safety first. If you are not familiar with fireworks, ask questions about your products. Knowing about your fireworks and following proper protocol can help make sure everyone has a good time and that it is being done safely.

Some of the following locations are set up in parking lots. Keep your eyes open.

10 Places To Get COOL Fireworks in Mid Michigan

TNT Fireworks - 6200 S Pennsylvania Ave., Lansing, MI

Phantom Fireworks Tent - 725 American Rd., Lansing, MI

Pro Fireworks - 901 N Larch St., Lansing, MI

TNT Fireworks - 550 Hull Rd., Mason, MI

Phantom Fireworks of Lansing - 6141 W Saginaw Hwy., Lansing, MI

Phantom Fireworks Tent - 525 Cedar St., Mason, MI

Fox Fireworks - 4567 Churchill Rd. Suite #2, Leslie, MI

Big Fireworks - 6601 W Grand River Ave., Lansing, MI

Sparky's Fireworks Outlet - 3731 Ann Arbor Rd., Jackson, MI

Jeff's Fireworks - 1512 Lawson Dr., Howell, MI

If you don't want to put on your own show at home, here are some places in the state where you can go and see fireworks:

The Best and Biggest 4th of July Fireworks Displays in Michigan for 2022

Check out the times and dates for some of the biggest and best Fourth of July Fireworks in Michigan for 2022.

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