Okay, I'll admit it, I like ice cream. Cooling off with a tasty ice cream cone in the summer is a right of passage in Michigan.

I can remember working hard as a kid to earn some extra money so I could ride my bike up to Dairy Korner in St. Joe and get some ice cream. Once in a while, I would get a slushy, but most of the time it was a soft-serve twist in a little baseball helmet. I wanted to collect all of the MLB teams. Soft-serve was par for the course for me growing up. We did have one place that served hand-dipped ice cream at the time, though. It was called Wilbur's.

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There is a very distinct taste and sensation with soft-serve ice cream. The same goes for hand-dipped ice cream. There's something about taking a bite of the ice cream and actually being able to chew it a little bit. When it comes to hand-dipped ice cream, I like some brands more than others. Personally, I think Hudsonville is tasty, and I'm also a fan of the "purple cow" brand at Meijer. They make a Mint Chip Moose Tracks that is outstanding.

There are plenty of options for soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt in the Lansing and mid-Michigan area. Hand-dipped ice cream parlors and stores are peppered throughout the area too. If you like hand-dipped ice cream, check out these mid-Michigan locations to get a taste.

11 Insanely Awesome Hand-Dipped Ice Cream Locations

Enjoying an ice cream cone during summer in Michigan is tradition, but finding a good hand-dipped ice cream stand can be a challenge. Check out these Lansing-area hand-dipped ice cream locations.

Dairy-Free/Vegan Ice Cream in the Greater Lansing Area

When you're lactose intolerant, vegan or just choosing to live dairy-free, it can be a struggle navigating a bustling food scene like Lansing's. It's especially harder to enjoy sweet treats like ice cream which is why more and more spots are offering non-dairy options!

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