The world it seems turned on Phil Robertson when he answered a question about his Christian faith during an interview with GQ Magazine. Phil used some less than eloquent terms to explain his idea of sin including adulterers, drunkards, idolaters but most importantly homosexuals. He was paraded out like some backwoods doofus for all to ridicule. Except it really hasn’t played out that way.

The comments based loosely on Paul’s letter to the Corinthians sparked a firestorm in the politically charged and politically correct national media. Pro gay organizations roared for his head on a platter and with little delay A&E dumped the 67 year old Duck Commander from the #1cable series... ever, Duck Dynasty.

The backlash from Robertson supporters was just and fast it seems quite a bit more intense. Petitions demanding his reinstatement and Facebook pages calling for boycotting the network attracted millions of responses in less than a couple of days. The support has also come in the form of dollars, millions of dollars.

Where it ends I cannot say for sure but I hazard a few guesses. When Duck Dynasty returns for a fifth season it’s ratings will set all new records for viewership. Phil will be offered his chance to rejoin his family on camera. Phil will not now nor ever apologize for his comments on his religious views. No matter how crass and intolerant they may have sounded. I wonder what a duck hears just moments before the shotgun report?

I made a prediction the day after the uproar began and it is coming true already. I said Duck Dynasty merchandise would fly of the shelves like never before. Oh how right I was. Walmart is reporting that most of it’s DD merchandise is sold out. This is a big deal considering the merchandising deal enriches Phil Robertson, his family and of course A&E which is owned in part by Disney. They all like the huge influx of cash. You should know before Phil sat down with GQ and his Louisiana view of the world in 2013 the Duck Dynasty empire had a $40 million dollar juggernaut of merchandise already screaming past the cash registers. Now you can multiply that number a few times over.

The Robertson’s say they will not continue the show without Phil. That part I believe. Make no mistake however the show will continue and most likely right where it is on A&E. Phil Robertson turned a small duck call company into a multi-million dollar enterprise that has taken over the American popular culture landscape. His momma didn’t raise no backwoods fool. Makes me wonder if he called in an eager left leaning reporter from GQ and pin wheeled him like a mallard on a pond.

You may not realize Robertson holds a Masters degree from Louisiana Tech and was offered a deal to play pro football for the Washington Redskins. He turned it down because it would interfere with duck hunting. Nothing like a clean one-shot-kill on a liberal reporter that will mean tens of millions of dollars added to the family fortune before you can quack three times.