All year long there are special individuals in the community that do things to make it better. They are business owners, leaders, and humanitarians.
Recently I observed a South Lansing Business Association meeting where they gathered gifts for local families who could not afford them for Christmas.
As I was listening to the items they had purchased I stopped to think about how grateful I am for the things I have. I also wondered why groups such as the SLBA are not talked about more. They were buying coats, toys, and bikes for children and parents of all ages. This is not the only time of year they raise money to help needy families. They donate time and their services to keep our communities bright and beautiful.
Why does it take a holiday like Christmas for a group like this to get a little attention?
If you know someone who owns a business and spends EXTRA time outside of that business making the community better, thank them. Please thank them twice, once for you, and once for me.
They are Santa's elves around Christmas and true heros all year long.