Gas prices aren't nearing $4 a gallon these days, but they are on the way up--again!

AAA Michigan says prices at the pump have risen 7 cents in the past week taking the statewide average to about $3.37 a gallon.

The increase puts prices at 10 cents more per gallon this year than last but still well below the all-time highs of close to $4.30 a gallon.

Unlike in previous surveys where there is tremendous disparity in prices from one region of the state to another, this time it looks like prices are stabilized no matter where  you're driving in Michigan.  The price for unleaded fuel in Grand Rapids is $3.24 a gallon while the average in Ann Arbor is only a dime more.

January is traditionally one of the slowest travel periods of the year, so prices should stabilize if not fall in the coming weeks.