While I don't think anyone would deny the state is a gem in itself, every gem can have a visible scratch or two on it.

With that being said, have you ever wondered where some of the worst places to live in Michigan were?

The Most Dangerous Places To Live In Michigan in 2023

While the state does have its nice spots, it also has its fair share of bad ones. Take a look below at some of the spots in Michigan, you may want to avoid.

From high crime rates to theft, these cities all made the list, for a reason...

The Top 5 Worst Places To Live In Michigan In 2023

All and all, the state is a lovely place to live in. However, like all pretty things, they're bound to have a thorn or two. See the worst Michigan cities in 2023 below.

While the list may not shock you, do you live in any of the Michigan cities that graced this list?

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10 Michigan Cities Ranked by Worst to Best Drivers

Are you a good driver? Maybe your driving skills helped propel your city to the list of the 10 cities in Michigan with the best drivers.

The data was crunched by QuoteWizzard.com, using data from about 500,000 insurance quotes and taking into account the highest and lowest rates for things like speeding tickets, car accidents, and DUIs.

Worst Roads in the Lansing Area for Car/Deer Collisions

Fall is here and so are the deer. What roads in mid-Michigan are the worst for car/deer accidents? Here's the list of roads you should avoid because of the increased chance of hitting a deer.

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