It is very interesting after hearing for decades how men were sexist and attempting to keep women out of the office and work site.

Well I guess the tables might be turning.  A news site titled wrote about a new trend that is occurring in business and that is women-only coworking spaces.  Sounds kind of sexist to me and possible women attempting to keep men out of their work site, does it not.

Coworking involves a shared workplace, often an office, and people who rent space are often independent business.  Coworking office spaces has been on the increase for years.  The problem is some women find these office buildings packed full of men, many who work in the tech industry, and apparently are intimidated by them.

The solution, women only coworking offices.

One of the newest of these women only shared office spaces is in Minnesota and they call themselves The Coven.  I do not know if I would like to work in a place called The Coven.  They just opened last month and have already accumulated more than 200 customers from the finance, law, real estate, art and nonprofits industries.

In the article Liz Giel, she calls herself the advertising creative strategist and cofounder of The Coven, was quoted saying:

A lot of women are really experiencing a world that in many respects was built by men, and, whether intentionally or not, for men…It can be a struggle. A part of it is learning how to navigate those struggles, and a part of it is just having a place where you can go and be yourself, and not have any of the pressure to act a certain way or look a certain way. We've always talked about The Coven as a place where you can show up as any version of yourself.

By the way there is one way you can rent an office desk at the The Coven if you are not a women, all non-binary folks are welcomed.  A non-binary person does not consider themselves a women or a man.

Is this what we should be doing in this day and age, separating men and women?

What are we children?

Should we not learn to all get along?

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