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A highly touted California professor is just the latest far left academic to have claims of racial heritage debunked.

This time the offender is Professor Andrea Smith of the University of California Riverside, who teaches and is a noted scholar in Native American studies. The problem is she has known for many years she has no Native American blood- anywhere but decided to perpetuate the lie anyway by claiming to all that would listen that she was of Cherokee dissent.

Years ago on two occasions Smith sought out a Cherokee genealogist, we are told to find out if she had any lineage to the tribe and both times was told she did not. "Wannabes like Andrea use the myths of Cherokees hiding in the hills, passing for white or being saved by righteous whites, to perpetuate their lies," said David Cornsilk, a Cherokee genealogist who researched Smith's lineage and found no evidence of Cherokee bloodlines.

Smith however refuses to tell the truth and instead, issued another apparently dishonest statement saying her belief was based on "what I knew to be true, " and that she has been "and will always be Cherokee".  She is apparently basing her remarks on her own delusions and fantasies rather than actual facts and what we like to call around here, reality.

Smith, is just the latest in a long string of high profile hard left Progressive Liberals who have a psychological need to pretend they are of another heritage. This trans-racial dishonesty extends all the way to the United States Senate, where Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren sits. Warren fraudulently claimed for years to be of Native American heritage and even went so far as to list that claim to gain advantage over others at places like Harvard and elsewhere.

Ward Churchill, a former University of Colorado professor who infamously likened 9/11 victims to Nazis, also used false narratives about his race to take advantage of options not otherwise available.

And of course more recently Rachel Dolezal, a white woman born and raised in Montana, claimed she was black and rose to run the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP before her lies came spilling out and she was forced to abandon the position.

Terese Marie Mailhot took an even tougher stance on the blatant fraud of the lily-white professor. In a column for Indian Country Today she wrote "White people can all-too-easily say they're Indian, while claiming to be black is a cultural anomaly, a la Rachel Dolezal. It is with this in mind that I can say Andrea Smith is far more insidious a character than Dolezal."

David Cornsilk summed up the fraud of Professor Smith in a very harsh assessment as well, "two centuries of non-Cherokees trying to lay claim to our lands and treasury, if not by force, then by subterfuge," he remarked.

Maybe ethnic minority groups will one day understand that the Liberals are co-opting their actual challenges into their own imagined problems for political gain.