2016 should have been a cakewalk for the Democrats to secure the White House for a third consecutive term for the first time since they had dominance over the place from 1932 through 1952- a 20 year span that is yet to be equaled.

This year with Barack Obama’s approval numbers hanging at or about 50 percent and the country seeming to swing to the left in dramatic fashion over the past few years it really should be a cake walk for the Democrats to waltz into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue again. The conventional wisdom fueled by incessant one sided coverage tells us Hillary Clinton will be that nations first woman to become President, except people, even Democrats really don’t like her. Voters don’t like her at all and obviously neither do Republicans. There is bipartisan consensus on Hillary and that’s for sure.

You see the problem is in a year the Dems should win this in a runaway- they have a field of flawed and ultimately weak candidates.

No big deal right? The Dems will still be just fine right? Well, wrong actually. You see the bench, at least right now is pretty damned weak. I mean Bernie Sanders can only promise so much free stuff paid for with other peoples hard work and money for so long. At some point even hard core Democrats blush at the impossibility of his math and the implausibility of his candidacy. Which leaves only a couple more including: Martin O’Malley, who may have had a chance until his former hometown of Baltimore melted into itself. Then there is Lincoln Chaffee of course, to which you say ‘Who?’ and I move on for all the obvious reasons. Which brings us to Jim Webb who actually might be a good candidate. Webb is a true blue dog democrat and we all thought they were an extinct species but here he is. Trouble for Webb is no one knows who he is either. It will take a lot of time and money for any of them to get traction and of course the news networks would have to completely re-tool their promotions departments and that takes time and money.

The party could turn to Vice President Joe Biden but his bravado will likely be sunk by one of the many wonderfully idiotic things he says- out loud- ummmm,  in front of other people. I must admit that thought makes me a bit giddy.

Which leaves us with some pretty strong Republicans. And despite what the Democratic Party and it’s paid staffers at NBC, CBS, ABC and all the other alleged news outlets lead you to believe there are some qualified and likable folks in the race. Scott Walker and John Kasich are among my favorites. Pair either one with New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez and you may just find that Democrats squandered a near sure thing.

If the Republicans do in fact sabotage Hillary’s coronation just like Obama did, they unlike him will have to actually lead. The wreckage he leaves behind will take years to rebuild and that is a sure thing.